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How Can I Help You Achieve Your Fitness & Fat Loss Goals?
Starting back in November 2014 weighing in at 216 lbs. 

I began eating differently, and making much healthier choices. Weighed in today at 185 lbs. 

I could not be happier, and physically feeling better by the day!

Thank you Chris for your help and guidance!


3 Months, 31 Pounds Lost
I started working with Chris in the fall when my weight loss stalled. I wanted to see results, and I knew I wasn’t going to get them without expert help. 

I was a size 22 this time last year, and now I am an 8-10, depending on the style of the clothes and the store.

I am more confident in my body now than I have ever been in my adult life. I had an eating disorder when I was a teenager, and I carried body image issues around with me up until working with Chris. 


3 Months, 16 Pounds Lost
My goal was to lose fat and gain muscle. The results have been fantastic, I have increased my muscle mass dramatically. I wore pants of size 42 and now I wear size 38.

What surprised me the most was the improvement of my mobility. I move much more easily now than I did before.

I strongly recommend Chris, he is a first class coach. Thanks bro !!! 


3 Months, 8 Pounds, 6.5% Body Fat Lost

Hey, my name is Chris. I am a gym owner, a fitness and nutrition coach, and a reality based self-defense instructor. 

I have been obsessed with losing body fat and building muscle for my whole life.

I’ve also helped a lot of Average Joes to realize their fitness and fat loss goals.

Along the way, I’ve learned one thing that has become an integral part of the way I approach online fitness and nutrition coaching….

Everything you do has to be sustainable in the long term, otherwise the result will quickly fade away once the "after" picture has been snapped...

Because that’s what it’s going to take. Quick fixes and extreme diets won’t work.

The good news is, you don’t have to choose between looking awesome or being happy and healthy.

You can live your life, enjoy the foods you love, go out for drinks with friends, and still be in great shape.


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